Creative Skills Development & Personal Empowerment.

Teacup Sparrow

Teacup Sparrow offers children and adults, unique and enchanting Creative Workshops. Illustration, writing and water colour painting are used as mediums for personal expression, relaxation and building self-esteem.

Workshops are taken by Pam Warburton who is an experienced Creative Arts Teacher, author and illustrator of the Teacup Sparrow series of well-being books.

To Book a Creative Arts Forest Workshop contact Pam on M: 0428220080.

Teacup Sparrow's Workshops & Experiences

Family Forest Experience.

2 hour session.

Creative Arts Workshop for the family.

Creation and relaxation.

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NDIS Creative Arts Workshops

We offer 2 hour sessions.

This is a personalised one to one mentoring program.

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Creative Arts Workshops - Children

2 hour session.

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Creative Arts Workshops - Adults

2 hour session

Group Bookings available.


Educational Support

Teacup Sparrow offers support for families and children that are home schooling or sensitive and finding mainstream schooling overwhelming. Our educational approach is holistic, supporting the mind, body and spirit. We help many children with anxiety inspiring them creatively and supporting them emotionally.

Personalised Mentoring

Available for children and adults. These personalised empowerment sessions are designed to build confidence, strength and resilience. We support participants to move beyond negative experiences, to recognise and utilise their strengths and gifts. We encourage participants to develop a positive perspective in their lives.

Empaths Workshops

Teacup Sparrow offers Empaths a range of Well-being Workshops where participants learn calming & empowerment skills and techniques. Small group workshops are held once a month for adults so they can form connections with like minded souls. We connect supersensitives for friendship, comfort and support.

" Inspiring Learning from Nature."

Happy customers

 Teacup Sparrow's Forest is a captivating world of nurturing and learning for children and adults.

Rhonda- Support Worker.

 Pam i think what you are doing to inspire and empower us is so valuable.

Shelly - Empath.

My children enjoyed the Forest & Workshop so much, they didn't want to leave.

Louise - Mother.